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Nortel Networks is an industry leader and innovator focused
on transforming how the world communicates and exchanges
information. The Company is supplying its service provider
and enterprise customers with communications technology
and infrastructure to enable value-added IP data, voice and
multimedia services spanning Wireless Networks, Wireline
Networks, Enterprise Networks, and Optical Networks.
Established more than a century ago, Nortel Networks has
participated in major developments in the evolution of
communications networks technology in more than 150

Summary of Solutions

Vega 400 with MCS5100/MCS5200

Vega 100 with MCS5100/MCS5200

Vega 50 Analog & Vega 50 BRI with Succession 1000

Download the Nortel Product Brief for the Succession 1000

Vega 400 & Vega 100 with MCS5100/MCS5200

The Multimedia Communication System 5100 (MCS 5100)
and Multimedia Communication System 5200 (MCS 5200)
deliver a tightly integrated set of multimedia capabilities that
enhance a user's ability to communicate and collaborate
effectively. Enabling Call Management, Collaboration,
Personal Agent, Video, and Voice services provides users
freedom through increased mobility and productivity.
MCS 5100 and MCS 5200 open new doors for Service
Providers and Enterprises by offering an open, flexible,
and standards-compliant solution that enables service
customization and rapid service deployment.

VegaStream's Vega 400 & Vega 100 gateways are cost-effective
customer premises-based SIP Voice over IP (VoIP)
gateways that allow service providers to connect the MCS
5100 and MCS 5200, SIP phones and soft clients with
existing telephony equipment such as the Public Switched
Telephony Network (PSTN), PBXs and key systems.
VegaStream gateways ensure that customers can protect
their investment in existing equipment, whilst taking
advantage of new, SIP-enabled multimedia services.

VegaStream, as a Nortel Networks Developer Partner,
has successfully completed SIP interoperability testing
between the Vega 400 & Vega 100 gateways and Nortel Networks
MCS 5100 and MCS 5200:


MCS 5100/5200 Managed Packet Network


Vega 50 Analog & Vega 50 BRI with Succession 1000

The Nortel Networks Succession 1000 is a server-based,
full-featured IP PBX. It delivers support for extensive telephony
features and advanced business applications, including unified
messaging, call center, conferencing, call attendant, IVR, wireless
VoIP and IP phones.

The Vega 50 range of gateways cost-effectively allows enterprise customers
to deliver Nortel Networks Succession 1000 IP PBX services to
branch offices and remote locations. The Vega 50 gateways provides direct
PSTN and legacy analog connectivity for local calling and emergency
access, as well as proven interoperability with Nortel Networks
Succession hardware.

Download the Certificate of Compatibility for the Vega 50 Analog with Succession 1000

Download the Certificate of Compatibility for the Vega 50 BRI with Succession 1000


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