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VegaStream announces availability of Version 8.2 Firmware for its entire Vega Gateway product Range

Bracknell, UK – November 1st 2007 - IP Gateway vendor VegaStream has announced the availability of the new 8.2 firmware across its Vega Gateway product range. Developed with additional security, management and flexibility features, the software has been designed to address IP resilience and guarantee access to emergency 999 services.

Enhanced security and resiliency features within 8.2 such as embedded SIP resiliency registrar and proxy allows IP phones to make calls over the PSTN in the event of an IP network failure. In addition, this feature allows calls from IP phones to be made to emergency services over the PSTN in the event of network or power failure but critically and uniquely 8.2 has the ability for the emergency services to respond. The Vega Gateway provides all important location based information from where the call originated avoiding delays in contacting the emergency services, which could result in serious harm.

“VoIP is currently the only voice call service not required to allow 999 calls, but with take-up growing and VoIP services and technology increasingly similar to PSTN services, the risk of confusion is accentuated. For example, researched conducted by Ofcom in the last quarter of 2006, research found that 78% of UK households with a VoIP service that did not provide 999 access, incorrectly thought that it did provide 999 access or didn’t know if it did,” said Steve Davis, VP Sales and Marketing, VegaStream.

“Ofcom has recommended that all VoIP services need to be able to make call 999 calls and this could be mandated by as early as Jan 2008. By deploying Vega IP Gateways, service providers and enterprise customers can avoid the huge technical and financial challenges that this could present.”

Further features of 8.2 include:

- Voice Prioritisation over IP – Europa Gateway - The Europa can now be installed between the LAN and router thus prioritising voice packets over data packets which are less time sensitive to delays. Normally SMBs don’t have a service that allows prioritisation or which require an engineers’ site visit to install increasing costs of installation.

- Enhanced Interoperability

- FXO secondary dial tone - Road warriors can call into the enterprise via private, un-published telephone numbers and analogue lines connected to the Vega FXO ports. The Vega can be configured to present dial tone to the caller, enabling them to dial a user’s extension or, if permitted, to make a call out via the SIP proxy. This feature is often referred to as DISA (Direct Inwards System Access).

- Distinctive ringing and call waiting call ID on FXS

- Message Waiting Lamp on FXS - In certain verticals such as Hospitality, Visual Message Waiting Indication (MWI) is very important for use with voice mails and other applications. This feature has been developed for IP Centrex providers to be able to give notification of Voice mails and other message to analog ‘POTS’ phones.

- Enhanced Management

Quicker configuration - Now available on all gateways significantly improving installation programming time and engineering productivity.

http and https’ for uploading /downloading data - Important if there is a firewall which blocks ftp/tftp traffic and so makes it difficult to upload/download new firmware and configurations to the Vega gateway.

Configuration and Firmware file updating - the Vega can be configured to regularly contact a server for new configurations or software updates.

“VegaStream is commitment to developing new features for its IP gateways that simplify their management, increase flexibility and enhance security to allow customers to access new IP services and with 8.2 help address VoIP industry regulations, “ concluded Steve Davis of VegaStream. “ The introduction of new software demonstrates that commitment and delivers our channel partners, important functionality to help the market grow.”

“VegaStream has a policy of continuously updating its products in order to remain at the forefront of the VoIP gateway marketplace,” said Scott Dobson, Managing Director, VCOMM. “With the release of 8.2, VegaStream continues to build on its strong reputation as being the industry leader for world class gateways with excellent security, resilience, interoperability and management features that answer critical industry challenges in a simple and effective way.”

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