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April 2004

VegaStream Software Release 6 Becomes Generally Available

Bracknell, UK. - April 2004:
VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, have announced that release 6 of the VegaStream software has become generally available. This new release offers significant security improvements in terms of Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal, allowing enterprise and service provider customers to deploy VoIP securely behind corporate firewalls, even when address and port mapping is taking place. The new release also adds Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) registration and authentication and QoS management and reporting.

Release 6 also allows the creation of QoS statistics from within the gateway, allowing service providers to monitor packet loss and network performance and so offer improved SLAs to their customers. It also improves call quality by enabling up to 128ms-echo cancellation without requiring a separate appliance.

"At VegaStream we continually invest in research and development in order to keep our products reflecting business customer needs," said Bryan Miller, VP Product Management & Development of VegaStream. "We also question our customers to identify the functionality they would like to see added or improved upon. Release 6 marks a culmination of this internal and external work to create a new version of VegaStream software which delivers on the requirements of the most demanding VoIP users."

Highlights of software Release 6 include:

H.323 version 4 compliant interface, enabling performance improvements and the implementation of new features, such as alternate gatekeeper support

Quality of service statistics at the end of calls, to help monitor performance

NAT traversal for H.323 and SIP, enabling VoIP calls to continue to work, despite changes to the IP address

Up to 128ms echo cancellation* to provide best-in-class voice quality

SIP registration and digest authentication (for all gateways), for added security

G.711 fallback for modems supported with T.38 for fax (H.323 and SIP), providing flexible transport of various types of media
Alternate gatekeeper support for H.323 means that continuous service can be provided in the event of a gatekeeper failure

*Use of 128ms echo tail may result in reduced channel density on some products

About the Vega 100 Gateway
The Vega 100 connects existing digital PBXs and the public network to IP networks bringing dramatic telephony cost savings. Combining engineering pedigree with the latest VoIP standards, VegaStream delivers a robust solution ready for serious business. The Vega 100 is fast to deploy and is supported by VegaStream's dedicated VoIP specialists. Transparent to the user, only the finance director will notice the difference.

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