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6th June 2005

London, UK, - 6th June 2005: Dedicated VoIP gateway manufacturer VegaStream announces the new Vega50 6x4 VoIP gateway. The Vega50 6x4 meets the demand for a broad range of configuration options from mid range enterprises looking to save money by connecting existing communications hardware to low cost IP networks. The Vega50 6x4 supports up to 24 ports which can be pre-configured in six clusters of four as Basic Rate ISDN, or analog FXS or FXO. Customers can order up to 40 different configurations of the Vega50 6x4.

"Not surprisingly, growing SMBs tend not to have had a telecom strategy," said Tim Burne, CEO of VegaStream. "So our reseller and service provider partners are often trying to implement VoIP services for customers who have combinations of ISDN and analog lines that support a mix of key switch telephony, fax and IP applications. To date they have had to put together a multi-box, multi-vendor solution to connect these up to IP networks particularly when more than one site is involved.

"This mix and match approach costs the customer and the reseller both cash and confidence. Often one or both parties simply walk away from the opportunity," he said. "The Vega50 6x4 solves this problem by meeting all contingencies as one box certified interoperable with the leading PBX makers and ITSPs, from one vendor, operating with the same set up software and dial planner. The Vega50 6x4 is set to be one of the most powerful catalysts to drive VoIP into the mid-market."

The Vega50 architecture is based on the proven Vega range of gateways, including the original Vega50 model that is available as either an 4 port BRI or 10 port analog configuration. The Vega50 6x4 shares the same easy-to-use set up and table-based dial planner application that customers often cite as the Vega's most attractive feature. For example, Steve Rudman, Director, Customer & Business Applications at Evoxus, the leading UK Internet Telephony Service Provider said, ""We chose the VegaStream gateways for their very powerful dial planner software. It not only makes the decisions about IP routing, but it can also handle presentation and billing information. These functions are important to the service provider. The alternative solutions on the market are more cumbersome requiring us to build and maintain complex one-to-one translation tables. The VegaStream has a simple set up based on parameters and can make intelligent routing decisions on the fly."

For Technical Specifications for the Vega 50 6x4 please click here

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