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7th January 2004

VegaStream, a leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP
(Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced that it is to increase its presence in India in preparation for the deregulation of the country's VoIP market.

The Indian VoIP market - first opened up 18 months ago to allow
specialised applications and closed user groups - is expected to
be completely deregulated by March to allow VoIP networks to
connect to ordinary PSTN phone lines. VegaStream is expanding
into India with the launch of local operations to help both Indian
businesses and local subsidiaries of international companies to
take advantage of this change of law by delivering its high qualit
VoIP gateways to customers in this region. With a local VoIP
Gateway market estimated to be worth in excess of $6 million,
VegaStream will be delivering premium support and services to
businesses deploying VegaStream VoIP Gateways in order to
realise the significant cost savings from VoIP compared to
traditional PSTN.

The business manager for VegaStream in India, Dharam Singh,
believes that the industry is already seeing trends of a boom
emerging. "With our first wave of deregulation we saw people
use VegaStream gateways in call centres and for internal
communications and VoIP has definitely been at the heart of the
India's emergence into the business process outsourcing market,"
said Dharam Singh. "With full deregulation the market will
completely open up and will allow a whole new range of business
VoIP applications and transform business communications for a
vast number of Indian businesses, further improving their
international and national competitiveness. Now is precisely the
right time to be launching into the Indian VoIP market."

"There is no doubt that the Indian market is potentially very
significant for a wide number of players in the VoIP market, from
service providers to gateway vendors such as ourselves," said
Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream. "The first wave of deregulation
has proved that the market exists and so it's important that
VegaStream establishes its local credentials with reseller and
support infrastructure ahead of the take-off in the Indian VoIP
market. The open standards-based VegaStream business VoIP
Gateways are ideally suited for a market as diverse and complex
as India. It's an exciting time for VegaStream and this marks our
first expansion out of our European and North American heartland
since our MBO and VC injection."

VegaStream is currently building its distribution and reseller
network in India and is in the process of appointing multiple
resellers and system integrators. The first reseller, RB Comtec,
is already in place.

About VegaStream

VegaStream is a leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP
gateways. VegaStream's Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways enable
service providers and business customers to rapidly deploy and
profit from lower telephony costs and improved productivity
across their organization's HQ and remote offices. The award
winning Vega 50 and Vega 100 gateways are based on
international communications standards - including both SIP and
H.323 - to deliver an open and non-proprietary VoIP solution that
can be seamlessly integrated alongside existing communications
investments. Established in 1998, VegaStream has EMEA
headquarters in Bracknell UK, and North American headquarters
in Boca Raton, Florida. VegaStream investors include MTI
Partners and VegaStream management.

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AxiCom PR for VegaStream
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