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Telintrans uses VoIP for automated customer service for Europe's third biggest express transportation group

7th October 2004

VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP
(Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced that Telintrans, the
internal IS department for France's national parcel delivery service
- GeoPost - has deployed VegaStream VoIP gateways to provide a
telephone operated package tracking service. Using VoIP and voice
recognition Telintrans is able to operate multiple Automatic Call Distribution (ACD's) systems that can track the progress of a package anywhere
within Europe.

By installing VegaStream's gateways alongside their existing PBX,
Telintrans is able to convert incoming customer calls to VoIP for
automated processing by a voice-portal and provide tracking information
based on voice recognition. The automated system also provides the
customer with the option of talking directly to a person and can route
a call to one of three call centres around France where it is converted
back to traditional voice enabling agents to talk to the caller.

The Telintrans package tracking service is based upon the SIP standard
and the VegaStream gateways deliver compatibility between the VoIP
voice portal and Telintran's existing infrastructure.
The flexibility of the product was critical - VegaStream's VoIP gateways
can drop back to a PSTN network with minimal disturbance allowing
Telintrans to route callers to an operator without losing the voice connection.

"Flexibility and interoperability were key to the success of this project,"
said Gil Gouty, CTO of Telintrans. "Because VegaStream's VoIP gateways
are open standards, they work perfectly alongside both our existing
products and the other components of the project. The specific requirements
of this project meant that good support was also critical. With 24 hour on demand support, VegaStream has provided exceptional assistance with
both the instalment and ongoing maintenance of the entire solution enabling
us to provide a superior package tracking service to our customers."

"The challenges facing organisations deploying VoIP today are no longer surrounding quality of service but more about the issues surrounding interoperability and manageability. With voice and data converging and
with so many products on the market, it is almost impossible for enterprises
to know whether their VoIP solution will work alongside either their existing infrastructure or with other products that they are looking to deploy. Even
when products claim to be interoperable, often it isn't the case," said Michael Robinson VP Business Development at VegaStream. "Because VegaStream solutions are open standards Telintrans can be sure that the gateways will
work alongside any solution the they already have or that they may decide
to deploy in the future."

About Telintrans
Since it was established in 1996, Telintrans has specialised in providing IT support in the field of transport. Now, it is one of the leading consulting and computer specialist teams in France. With more than 380 employees, it has an extensive knowledge of the various transport areas including road and air transport, parcel delivery, express delivery. Telintrans is a subsidiary of GeoPost group, Europe's third largest express transportation group and European leader in freight. This shareholding guarantees that it is able to provide innovative and long-lasting transport services and solutions. Approximately 200 million shipments per year are handled by Telintrans teams and systems.

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