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"The VegaStream products exceeded our requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, ease of configuration and value. "says Stefan Stefanov, Orbitel's CTO

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Orbitel delivers news, competitive voice services to Bulgaria's business community with VoIP gateways from VegaStream

8th March 2005

London, UK, - 8th March 2005: Orbitel, Bulgaria's next generation national telco, has selected digital VoIP gateways from UK manufacturer VegaStream to provide a competitive switched voice service to Bulgaria's business community. Orbitel will deploy the VegaStream gateways as customer premise equipment enabling customers with existing digital TDM equipment to connect to Orbitel's IP backbone network. The range enables between 8 and 60 simultaneous voice calls from Orbitel customer sites.

"Orbitel is determined to compete not just on price, but on quality, service and innovation," said Stefan Stefanov, Orbitel's Chief Technology Officer. "As our digital VoIP gateway supplier, VegaStream is a strategic partner in our drive for significant market share from the business sector."

"The VegaStream products exceeded our requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, ease of configuration and value. But of equal importance is the fact they are made by a European company. VegaStream gives us support direct from the core product development team who are available in the same time zone. And of course, they could provide the essential Basic Rate ISDN interface," said Stefan.

"VegaStream is an established CPE gateway partner with a growing number of the new generation of company's delivering competitive voice services over IP," said Tim Burne, CEO of VegaStream. "We are delighted to be working with Orbitel who are on track to take the Bulgarian market by storm by fully leveraging what the VoIP industry in Europe has to offer."

About Orbitel
Orbitel is the first Bulgarian Next Generation Telecom. Since its formation six years ago, the company has established a sustainable business and a market leading position in both corporate and residential segments through its voice and data services.

Orbitel is the first competitive telecom to operate in Bulgaria after the end of the national PTT monopoly. The company's convergent platform provides unique business opportunities in the evolving national market for voice and data services. Orbitel's managed IP network provides for service access to 60% of the Bulgarian population, generating 75% of GDP. The company operates 30% of the incoming traffic to Bulgaria, via interconnection with international telecoms including France Telecom, Deutshe Telekom, Telecom Italia, OTE, AT&T, MCI, Global Crossing, iBases,.

Orbitel has been reported by the annual ranking of IDG Bulgaria as the biggest company in the segment for three consecutive years - 2001, 2002 and 2003. Orbitel supplies telecommunication services to enterprises in Bulgaria including: AIG, Allianz, Allied Domeq, Nuclear Power Station Kozloduy, Citibank, Ernst&Young, Metro Cash and Carry Bulgaria, Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan Radisson SAS, Schenker, Solvay Pharma, Unilever Bulgaria, Liebherr-Hausgerate Marica.

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