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UK's number one supplier of uniforms and workwear deploys VoIP gateways and saves £1000 per quarter on internal communications

8th November 2004

London, UK, 8th November 2004: VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced that workplace clothing retailer Alexandra plc has deployed its VoIP gateways to lower the cost of its internal communications. By installing Vega VoIP gateways at Alexandra's warehouse, administrative centre and 20 other sites, the clothing company is able to enjoy free calls between each of the separate locations saving over £1000 per quarter in call costs.

Alexandra plc is the UK's leading supplier of uniforms and work-wear, selling approximately 8 million garments every year. With the company's headquarters in Thornbury, a cluster of warehouses in Bristol, and retail outlets spread across the country, internal communications between locations were costly. Working closely with UK reseller Westcom Networks, Alexandra installed VegaStream digital gateways at the company headquarters in Thornbury and at their warehouse, enabling free calls between locations. The company also installed smaller Vega 20 VoIP gateways at each of the branch outlets and home offices to provide free calls back to the factory and headquarters.

"For our company to run efficiently we need to have a constant flow of communication - between our head office, factory, warehouses and the individual retail outlets," explained Roger Hill, Systems development manager at Alexandra plc. "However because these locations are spread across the UK, telephony costs represented a significant cost on our bottom line. By installing VegaStream's gateways at each of the locations we now enjoy free internal calls and have saved significantly on our call costs."

"In the past year VoIP has made the cross-over from corporate plaything to a practical solution within the reach of all-sized businesses," said Henry West Sales Director at Westcom Networks. "Interoperability and ease of installation has been one of the reasons for this change. Because VegaStream's VoIP gateways are based on open standards, they can be quickly and easily integrated into almost any environment, regardless of the legacy telecommunications equipment."

"One of the main concerns when we looked to a VoIP solution was integration, specifically the initial installation period. Communications downtime could mean a significant loss to the business," continued Roger Hill. "However, installation was trouble free and with the ongoing support from Westcom we have been able to deploy a VoIP solution quickly and effortlessly. Their support combined with VegaStream's high quality products has meant that we were able to deploy a VoIP solution easily and with minimal disturbance to our business."

"For businesses of all sizes, a good communications link between locations is critical to the smooth running of operations. However, it is businesses such as Alexandra plc with multiple national or international locations that stand to benefit the most from VoIP and the reduced call costs that it provides," said Michael Robinson, VP Business Development at VegaStream. "VegaStream's portfolio of VoIP gateways - from the Vega 400 through to the Vega 10 - are suited to a range of different environments which means that companies from 2 employees through to 2000 can find a solution that fits their needs."

About Alexandra Workwear
Alexandra plc is the UK's leading supplier of uniforms and workplace clothing. Dedicated to providing clients with innovative garment design, top quality garments at the best prices and the highest level of service and support. Employing 1000 people worldwide, Alexandra plc has offices throughout the world and produces up to 8 million garments per year.

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Westcom Networks are specialists in the network appliance market offering a wide range of IT solutions from leading manufacturers, 100's of companies in the UK are already benefiting from Westcom Networks expertise and professionalism. Whether you are in the legal, medical, education, finance or general business sector - we have the latest technology at our fingertips to make your organisations network run smoothly and most importantly - securely.

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