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9th December 2002

MierLabs Selects Vega 100 SIP For Traffic Analysis Test Bed

Mierlabs, a renowned independent test laboratory, recently
selected VegaStream's Vega 100 SIP/ISDN gateway as an
integral part of its test bed for traffic analysis tools.

The SIP network consisted of Extreme Networks' Summit 48i
layer 2/layer switches, PacketStorm Communications' Hurricane
IP Network Emulator, an Empirix Hammer LoadBlaster 500 and
was driven by Tangerine's softswitch, Tangerine Connect. The
Vega 100 worked alongside Audiocode's Mediant 2000 SIP
gateway and a number of soft clients. Avaya's G600 H.323
gateways were also used in the test bed, which was used to
assess products from almost two dozen vendors.

The results of the tests appeared in the December 9, 2002 issue
of Network World and can be viewed online here.

VegaStream's selection and successful inclusion in this
assessment is a tribute to the company's continued commitment
to open standards and interoperability.

MierLabs provides the network industry with an independent
source for the lab testing of network hardware and software
products, whether standalone or as part of comparative or
competitive assessments. Further information can be found at

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