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10th April 2003

VegaStream announces industry
first Vega 50BRI SIP VoIP gateway

VegaStream, an industry leading developer of high-performance
Voice Over IP (VoIP) gateways is pleased to announce the release
of the Vega 50 BRI gateway supporting the SIP protocol.

The Vega 50 BRI gateway with SIP is an enhancement to the
gateway's existing support of H323. VegaStream is unique in
offering both SIP and H323 on its entire analogue and digital
VoIP gateway portfolio.

ETSI BRI is extensively deployed in Europe and other markets
therefore a BRI VoIP gateway is essential for the migration of
legacy networks to VoIP.

The Vega 50 BRI gateway can be configured to operate in
network (NT) or terminal (TE) mode simultaneously, thus offering
customers maximum flexibility when connecting legacy equipment
to IP networks. Vega 50 BRI gateways offer 4 x 2B+D ports,
providing capacity for 8 simultaneous calls.
Part of the Pace Micro Technology plc group, VegaStream's
mission is to develop world beating, cost effective high-
performance voice over internet protocol (VoIP) products based
upon international communications standards.

VegaStream's VoIP technology enables customers to benefit from
integrated telephony services that will protect their investment
and enhance their business by providing a 'gateway' between
traditional and VoIP telecommunications. The company has
received international accolades for its innovative engineering,
resulting in sales worldwide.

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