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VegaStream's dedicated VoIP gateways help carriers and businesses connect standard analog handsets to an IP network

12th September 2005

London, UK, September 12, 2005: Dedicated VoIP gateway manufacturer VegaStream today unveiled two additions to its product line: the Vega 5024 and Vega 5048 gateways, bringing the award-winning Vega 400 architecture into the VegaStream analog product line.

Designed for enterprises looking to move efficiently and cost-effectively to IP networks, both the Vega 5024 and Vega 5048 gateways connect analog phone systems to an IP network, while providing two additional network-facing analog ports for connection to a telephone line or analog PBX. In addition, the double density of both gateways makes VoIP possible even for the most cost-conscious enterprises, which take ROI into consideration when deploying new technology. As with all VegaStream dedicated VoIP gateways, these two new gateways are proven interoperable with a wide range of existing telecommunications and VoIP equipment.

The Vega 5024 provides 24 ports for connection to standard analog phones, while the 5048 provides 48 ports. Both gateways can act as customer premises and PSTN gateways in carrier networks; and/or VoIP networking and IP telephony gateways in an enterprise setting. Both platforms allow carriers and enterprises to eliminate the need for an infrastructure forklift by enabling standard analog phones to connect to a corporate or Internet telephony service provider network. "Realistically, enterprises and carriers need the ability to migrate to VoIP at their own pace and leverage their existing TDM equipment, even down to their analog handsets, as long as possible," says Tim Burne, CEO of VegaStream. "The VegaStream analog gateways allow SMEs to do just that. Our goal is to make their transition to VoIP as easy and as cost-effective as possible."

Amnexus Communications in Lexington, Kentucky, has installed the full range of VegaStream gateways in its nationwide network in order to provide small to medium-sized businesses with the type of high-quality voice services usually only afforded to large corporations, according to Craig Fields, President of Amnexus. "The addition of the Vega 5024 and Vega 5048 allow our enterprise customers with legacy equipment to have access to advanced VoIP services without having to purchase all new infrastructure," says Fields.

VegaStream's wide range of dedicated VoIP gateways are cost-effective, standards-based platforms that enable enterprises to have access to essential VoIP services, and let carriers deliver services to any customer without requiring changes to their existing infrastructure. From the Vega 400 digital gateway-a carrier-grade platform that connects digital telephony equipment to the public network-to the latest Vega 5024 and Vega 5048 analog gateways, all of VegaStream's products help streamline the introduction of essential VoIP services.

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