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13th May 2004

Extends functionailty, managebility and security of corporate telephony to the home

VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced the launch of its portfolio of residential VoIP Gateways. Installed by the end-user and remotely provisioned, configured and maintained by either the VoIP service provider or enterprise IT department, the Vega residential gateways provide the full range of telephony services to end-users at a fraction of the cost of traditional PSTN telephony.

For the enterprise, the residential VoIP gateways enable them to securely extend the corporate PBX direct into the home (or small) office and using the existing broadband connection just as they already do for IP VPN access to corporate data. For the service provider, new voice services can be offered and delivered to residential customers, bundling bandwidth and telephony into a single connection, differentiating its offering from other ISPs and reducing customer churn from the more commoditized standard broadband connection.

VegaStream's residential VoIP gateways retain the flexibility and openness of its established business VoIP gateways ensuring that companies and service providers globally can deploy VoIP meeting local service and regulatory requirements. Existing corporate voice services can be cost effectively extended to home workers or remote sites delivering business cost savings and employee efficiency. All the functionality expected by the end-user from their corporate PBX - from voicemail to call transfer and conferencing - is extended to the user's existing residential telephone with a quality of service and user experience that is as straight forward as the traditional PSTN line.

"There's more than an element of serendipity about the market at the moment," said Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream. "On the one hand there's the widespread uptake of residential broadband services and on the other we see the growing adoption of VoIP within businesses. Combine these trends and you see the industry at an exciting point in its development. Our heritage in business VoIP has shown us that openness and flexibility are vital - businesses want to be able to stitch together a patchwork of legacy telephony systems to create a new VoIP infrastructure. But when you extend VoIP beyond the office and into the home, ease of installation, manageability and security become even more acute.

And of course, the expectation is that this is all done without any compromise on the telephony features available to the user. With these new residential gateways, VegaStream is uniquely positioned to offer a 'one-stop-shop' portfolio of VoIP gateways from 1-2 ports right up to 120 ports scaling from the individual home to the largest corporate deployment."

The Vega range of residential gateways offer the home user a full range of telephone features including call waiting, caller ID, call transfer, conferencing and visual and audible message waiting indicator - in effect completely replicating the office phone on the user's residential phone. For the service provider, each of these features represent additional value added features and hence an additional revenue opportunity.

VegaStream's residential gateway portfolio comprises:

  • Vega 10: Supports one analog FXS port for connection to an existing analog telephone, fax machine or other analog terminal and an Ethernet interface for connection to a home or office LAN.
  • Vega 20: Supports two analog FXS ports for connection to an existing analog telephone etc. and an Ethernet interface for connection to a home or office LAN
  • Vega 25: Supports one analog FXS port for connection to an analog terminal such as a telephone or fax machine and one analog FXO port for connection to PBX or central office exchange line and an Ethernet interface for connection to a home or office LAN

The new range of residential gateways significantly extends VegaStream's VoIP portfolio. VegaStream's VoIP gateways can now scale from a single port up to 120 ports, connecting the single home worker with the multinational enterprise-wide VoIP infrastructure. Based on open standards and certified for full interoperability with all leading PBX and telephony system vendors, the VegaStream VoIP gateways provide a single integrated VoIP solution for enterprises and service providers.

The cost of a VegaStream residential VoIP gateway will be comparable to that for a home wireless gateway or home router.

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