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Sales and marketing agreement with Sipura Technology provides business and service provider customers interoperable telephony solution

14th December 2004

London, UK, 14th December 2004: VegaStream has significantly increased the scope of its ability to deliver comprehensive Voice over IP solution by entering into a distribution agreement with Sipura Technology. VegaStream will now sell and support Sipura Technology's portfolio of phone adaptors and VoIP business phones together with its own portfolio of VoIP system gateways. VegaStream customers now have a single point of contact for a complete range of best-of-class VoIP gateways and endpoints.

VegaStream and Sipura Technology are leading vendors for their respective classes of standards based VoIP products. Sipura Technology designs, develops and manufactures a broad range of 1 and 2 port phone adaptors and multi-line VoIP telephones. VegaStream manufactures a portfolio of 8-120 port analogue and digital for businesses and service providers applications.

Both companies' products will be deployed by service providers and enterprises to deliver IP telephony services to residential and business users. Through this arrangement, VegaStream is able to provide customers with a complete range of VoIP gateways with guaranteed interoperability and a single point of contact for procurement and support.

"Some customers are happy to shop around for different types of VoIP gateway and select best-in-class for each type. Others want a single point of contact and support," said Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream. "Hands down, Sipura is the technology leader in the ultra low density VoIP CPE space. VegaStream enjoys similar standing in the corporate gateway market. So this agreement meets both customer requirements by providing a singe point of contact for the best-in-class. "

"Even though many VoIP products are based on internationally recognized standards like SIP and TCP-IP, customers looking to deploy a variety of different gateways within their business often say that interoperability a concern. Not only is VegaStream recognised as a leading supplier of analog and digital gateways for business applications, their products are fully interoperable under the SIP standard with our products and perfectly complement the Sipura portfolio of VoIP endpoints. We are pleased to be entering into this agreement with VegaStream and look forward to a successful partnership." said Sherman Scholten, Marketing VP, Sipura Technology.

About Sipura Technology
Sipura Technology, Inc., located in San Jose, California, delivers VoIP phone and analogue telephone adapter products that are economically and functionally designed for large-scale global Voice over IP deployments. Products include; the one FXS port SPA-1001, the two FXS port SPA-2000, the two FXS port SPA-2100, and the one FXS port + one FXO port SPA-3000 analogue telephone adapters as well as the SPA-841 VoIP business phone with up to 4 line appearances/extensions. By providing exceptional value, Sipura Technology offers customers high quality products that support rapid service adoption with secure and sustainable growth.

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