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Latest Vega Gateway software release version 8.0 builds on Security, Flexibility and Management product foundations to enable customers’ evolutionary approach to IP

January 15th 2007

VegaStream, the industry leading developer of VoIP gateways for enterprise customers and service providers, has announced the availability of version 8.0 across its Vega gateway product range. New features such as enhanced secure management, multiple sip registrars and call waiting indications represent the next generation of technical developments to allow customers a secure, reliable and cost effective migration to VoIP.

“VegaStream’s approach to product development is built on a philosophy of security, flexibility and management which has enabled us to achieve the success and leading position in the market,”said Steve Davis, VP Sales and Marketing, EMEA, VegaStream. “This latest release builds on those principles and demonstrates VegaStream’s continued commitment in developing IP gateways to allow customers to access new IP services while protecting their investment in their existing PBX infrastructure.”

“Customers need assurance when considering VoIP deployments that it is firstly secure and as an emerging standard, are demanding solutions with flexible architectures which are capable of managing future technology innovations, “said Scott Dobson, Managing Director, VCOMM. “VegaStream’s latest release cements its strong position in the market and fulfills the functionality requirements that customers demand.

As Service Providers and channel partners deploy gateways in large quantities so the management of these devices becomes more and more important. The strength of the VegaStream gateways is the ability of these products to be managed in a powerful yet simple manner,”concluded Dobson.

Key new features of Release 8.0 include:

Secure Management
VegaStream has further enhanced the security in its gateways by introducing enhanced secure management. Protecting management information shared between the Network Operations Centre and the Vega products leads to a more secure business operation. This can be achieved simply as the Vega now has integrated secure web access (HTTPS) and secure Command Line Interface (SSH).

Multiple Registrar Support
As the SIP market develops, more ITSPs are launching their services, all with different costs and benefits. With the introduction of multiple sip registrars support, Vega gateways are now able to simultaneously register with up to five ITSPs. By configuring the Vega to register and authenticate with multiple ITSPs simultaneously, the Vega can choose, on a call-by-call basis, the most appropriate ITSP to route the calls to. The choice of which ITSP to send the call to is made through standard Vega dial plans.

Multiple Registrar Support is also beneficial where an organisation purchases a proxy to handle internal calls, but wish to be able to take advantage of an ITSP for national and international call break out. Some proxies will be able to register with one or more ITSPs to provide this routing; others require the gateway to route the calls to the local proxy or to the ITSP as appropriate. With Multiple Proxy Support, the Vega can register with both the local proxy and one or more ITSPs, so on a call-by-call basis, the Vega can decide through which server to route the call.

Call Waiting
Vega gateways can receive multiple calls for a specific destination FXS port. When a FXS VegaStream gateway receives a call it will route it through the appropriate destination. If a 2nd call arrives whilst the 1st is still in progress then the caller will hear ringing and the called party will get a call waiting indication.

The called party can switch between the incoming call and the original caller using the hook-flash (recall) key on their phone. In order that the called party can easily decide whether to switch to the incoming caller, the Vega presents the caller ID to the telephone handset as the call waiting beep is played.


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