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VegaStream to help Primus address multi-million $ market with contract to supply and auto-provision VoIP gateways

17th August 2004

London, UK, 17th August 2004: VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced that it has signed a global supply agreement with Primus Telecommunications, a major global telecommunications services provider. The major contract will see Primus use VegaStream's VoIP gateways as part of its new Voice over IP services for its carrier, business and residential customers.

Primus selected VegaStream as the gateway provider for its global VoIP service offering because of VegaStream's ability to provide gateways for all key markets, proven interoperability with the Primus network and innovative support services that enable Primus to reduce operational costs and time-to-market. VegaStream has developed for Primus a complete web-based system for the automated delivery and provisioning of VoIP gateways to its customers, from the largest corporate down to the single residential customer.

"Service providers such as Primus are taking VoIP mainstream with compelling, easy to use and extremely cost-competitive VoIP services," said Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream. "We've been working closely with Primus over a period of months to build the automated, web-based back-end that enables them to deliver the full range of Vega gateways, from the a single port residential gateway to the 60 port Vega 100 for large corporates, in a way that makes business sense for them. We're delighted by this major global supply agreement with Primus which is a real testament to VegaStream's ability to deliver world class VoIP gateways to service providers and business customers."

The VegaStream gateways are based on standards-based SIP compatibility with Primus network and customer equipment. VegaStream is providing Primus with a full portfolio of customer premises gateways supporting analog, ISDN basic rate, T1 (North America) and E1 (European) interfaces with common functionality across all products. Using the VegaStream VoIP gateways, Primus can offer businesses a complete VoIP solution without disruption to existing PBX and telephony investments.

The portfolio of VegaStream VoIP gateways supplied to Primus includes:

  • Vega 10/20/25
    The Vega 10, Vega 20 and Vega 25 Home VoIP Gateways are designed to connect residential analog telephones to broadband IP networks
  • Vega 50 BRI
    The Vega 50 BRI gateway is designed to connect legacy BRI phone systems to IP networks
  • Vega 50 Analog
    The Vega 50 Analog gateway is designed to connect legacy analog phone systems to IP networks
  • Vega 100 E1/T1
    The Vega 100 E1/T1 gateway is designed to connect legacy PRI phone systems to IP networks


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