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Reseller expands VoIP business with SIP from VegaStream

17th November 2004

San Diego, CA, 17th November 2004: VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced an agreement with Smart Networks Solutions (SNS), a major reseller and systems integrator to the Latin America market. Under the terms of the agreement, SNS will re-sell VegaStream's portfolio of VoIP gateways to its customers in the region. SNS chose VegaStream because of increased customer demand for reliable VoIP solutions based upon SIP.

Smart Networks Solutions is one of Latin America's leading system integrators of VoIP solutions providing business and network integration for financial institutions, the hospitality industry and other market sectors. Their work also includes provision of network equipment, hosting and collocation services for service providers and enterprise customers in the region. With a growing demand from their customers for VoIP services based upon SIP, SNS required a proven and reliable portfolio of SIP capable VoIP gateways.

"With an increased demand for VoIP services in Latin America, we can further expand our business with VegaStream's portfolio of gateways," said Sandra Ximena Diaz Hoyos, President, Smart Network Solutions. "Thanks to our new partnership with VegaStream, we can now offer our customers VoIP solutions based upon SIP and our deployment costs are reduced with the ease of installation and maintenance of the VegaStream gateways"

VegaStream's portfolio of VoIP gateways provides seamless interoperability between the varied legacy of PSTN interfaces and new IP networks. Targeted at businesses and service providers, the products are based on international communications standards, including both SIP and H.323 and range from 8 to 120 ports covering both analog and digital interfaces.

"When establishing business relationships and a customer base in a new region, local presence is crucial," said David Rudee, Americas sales director for VegaStream. "Hence, the partnership with SNS is an important move for us - as a leading system integrator in the region they will help to drive VegaStream's expansion into key Latin American markets."

About Smart Networks Solutions (SNS)

Smart Network Solutions is a leader in VoIP solutions integration. Deploying platforms for large and medium sized service providers as well as for multinational and enterprises in Latin America and the eastern USA, Smart Network Solutions have deployed wireless and satellite solutions to provide VoIP for many different applications in Latin America, Europe and the USA. SNS has its headquarters in Miami, other locations in Bogota, Colombia, Porto Bello, Brazil, Madrid, Spain and New York, USA and collocation facilities in Miami, Madrid and Bogota. Smart Network Solutions maintains an active research arm to stay abreast of the latest communications technologies. This allows SNS to provide support for each customer and any VoIP application with integration services and local support for all deployments.

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