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Delivers industry's first scaleable, low-density VoIP gateway for service provider and enterprise markets

18th October 2004

Fall VON Boston, MA, 18th October 2004: VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced the launch of the Vega 400 gateway - a scaleable, field upgradable low-density trunking gateway suitable for service provider, enterprise and other equipment supplier environments.

The Vega 400 is a new class of product in the VoIP Gateway market. Previously, if a gateway outgrew capacity, the user had to either "stack" gateways to meet demand or deploy carrier-grade gateways that can scale up but are not cost effective at low capacities. The Vega 400 is the first gateway that allows customers to start with a low capacity such as a fractional E1 or T1 and grow up to 120 VoIP calls through easy field-installable upgrades. The Vega 400 gateway also delivers maximum throughput of all supported VoIP calls without any degradation of service. Where the performance of other gateways is often restricted by the number of users or the type of calls, the Vega 400 will work at maximum efficiency regardless of the VoIP traffic.

According to VegaStream VP Marketing Michael Robinson, the ability of the Vega 400 to scale according to individual needs enables service providers and enterprises to enjoy leading price and performance. "Other VoIP gateways can 'shortchange' customers by failing to deliver full capacity under certain types of VoIP traffic, either because of processing or bandwidth restrictions. The Vega 400 cuts out the small print and performance qualifiers, delivering full throughput even when fully loaded with 120 VoIP calls under the most demanding types of VoIP traffic," he said.

The Vega 400 is currently in deployment with a number of customers including Alceo, a leading developer of advanced CTI applications.

"We have tested the Vega 400 with the most demanding of voice response and CTI applications," said Alessandro Schievano, Aleco. "The Vega 400 is not only complimentary to our existing product range but is also able to meet all of our performance requirements. We look forward to rolling out this new product with our leading edge CTI solutions."

Key features of the new Vega 400 include:

  • VoIP trunking from 10 to 120 voice channels
  • Field upgradeable using plug-in modules
  • Leading price/performance using latest DSP and processor technology and VegaStream's experience of VoIP gateway design
  • Unmatched interoperability with existing telecoms equipment and VoIP networks based on SIP and H323
  • Small form-factor: Two gateways can be mounted in one U 19" rack
  • Dual LAN port for separation of VoIP and management
  • Upgrade card slots can be used for additional applications

The Vega 400 is available immediately.

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