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20th February 2003

VegaStream appoints Keyworld as Reseller for Malta

VegaStream a global leader in the design and development of
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateways has signed a
partnership agreement with Malta's leading ISP Keyworld Ltd.

This alliance now means that Keyworld can now deliver highly-
reliable, low cost and fully flexible telephone services to anywhere
in the world from anywhere in the Maltese Islands with their
newly launch OneVoice service.

The partnership also means that Keyworld now offers a Toll by
pass service using the Vega range of products to their enterprise
customers within Malta and beyond.

Earlier this year to help promote this new partnership VegaStream
Keyworld and VoIP carrier Deltathree held a 1day product launch
in Malta which helped successfully launch the product offering in
Malta. It was attended by over 100 personnel from key industries
such as Healthcare and Travel the launch gained impressive
feedback and interest. Over 80 telecommunications companies
worldwide are now deploying or trialing Pace Vega gateways.

VoIP Definition

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the method by which voice
is digitized and sent through the Internet in digital packets rather
than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public
switched telephone network (PSTN).

About Keyworld

After becoming the first ISP to start operations in Malta, back in
1995, Keyworld grew to become one of Malta's largest ISPs. They
offer Dialup, ADSL and Leased line services as well as Fax2email
and remote backup solutions. In January 2003, Keyworld became
the first company in Malta to offer Low Cost International Phone
Calls through its One Voice VoIP service. Their aim is to make
Malta a hub for IP services. More information can found at

About Deltathree

Founded in 1996, deltathree (Nasdaq: DDDC) is a leading
provider of proven, high-quality Internet telephony products,
services and infrastructure for service providers worldwide. Their
private-label VoIP products include PC-to-phone, phone-to-phone,
and broadband phone solutions, while our robust back-office suite
includes billing, operations management, marketing support, and
network management. All of these elements can be provided to
their customers under their turnkey Hosted Communications
Solution. In addition, they have partnered with industry leaders
such as Microsoft Corporation and Cisco Systems, to ensure our
customers realize the full potential of these offerings.

About Vegastream

Vegastream is part of the Pace Micro Technology plc group, with
a mission to develop world beating, low-cost high-performance
voice over internet protocol (VoIP) products based upon
international communications standards.

Pace's Vega VoIP technology enables Network Operators to
benefit from integrated telephony services that will protect their
investment and enhance their business by providing a 'gateway'
between traditional and 'new world' telecommunications. The
company has received international accolades for its innovative
engineering, resulting in sales to Japan, Finland and the USA.

About Pace Micro Technology plc

Pace Micro Technology plc is a pioneer of digital technology for
the home and has helped build the global market for pay
television services. Using this expertise, Pace is evolving the
set-top box into a home gateway to enable sophisticated services
for TV and the networked home. In this networked home, the
Pace home gateway is the portal for interactive communications,
for consumer devices and services to interact with each other
and the outside world.

Pace was the largest European supplier of home gateways
(set-top boxes) during 2000. Its analogue and digital technology
has been installed in over thirteen million homes worldwide since
it was founded in 1982. The company is now actively involved in
all digital platforms - satellite, terrestrial, cable, wireless and
xDSL - through alliances with broadcasters, network operators
and technology partners in the UK, USA, Europe, Latin America,
Australasia and the Far East. These achievements were made
possible through the commitment of Pace's 1000 strong
workforce, over half of whom are research and development
engineers, dedicated to the development of digital technology for
the home and small and home office markets.

Pace's head office is in Shipley West Yorkshire, with further
offices in Bracknell, Cambridge, the USA and Hong Kong.
The company's shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange
(PIC). For further information, please visit Pace's web site at

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