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21st April 2005

Sydney, Australia 21st April 2005: Symbio Networks Pty Ltd, a leading supplier and system integrator of next generation VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over broadband solutions in Australia and Asia, has chosen VegaStream VoIP gateways as the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for its Service Provider and large enterprise customers. The VegaStream portfolio of VoIP/TDM gateways ranges from single port end-point devices to trunk gateways supporting up to 4 E1s and 120 simultaneous voice calls.

Deployed as CPE, VegaStream's gateways enable end users with traditional TDM equipment to benefit from cost reductions provided by VoIP services. Conversely, the gateways also enable users of VoIP systems to connect to the TDM-based Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

"VegaStream's gateways are the ideal CPE solution for the new generation VoIP service providers in Australia," said Rene Sugo, Symbio Networks' Technical Director. "With a range that scales from a single analogue port to four E1's, VegaStream gateways enables VoIP service providers to address the full market opportunity from residential to large businesses, from a single vendor. The VegaStream portfolio of gateway products delivers good quality voice; a feature set that covers all the essential requirements; an excellent user interface that is very easy to use; and a wide range of protocols including Basic Rate ISDN which is critical in the Australian market."

"We are delighted to be working with Symbio Networks," said Chris Papaioanou, Sales and Marketing Director for VegaStream South Pacific. "Over the last couple of years, Symbio has established itself as a leading supplier and system integrator of softswitch-based VoIP solutions for Service Providers in Australia and Asia. The company has built sizable R&D and technical support resources at its headquarters in Sydney, and is experienced in working with Service Providers to seize the immense opportunity arising from VoIP service delivery in Australia."

The VoIP service market in Australia is gaining momentum as new generation service providers including ISP's have a clear business case to offer voice as part of their service offerings. The continuing roll-out of broadband infrastructures in capital cities, coupled with the vast distances across Australia, are ingredients that will accelerate the up-take of VoIP services as end-users enjoy the cost savings of the service.

"From our experience, customers have elected to switch their business from traditional telephone service to VoIP after gaining substantial cost savings. VoIP users enjoy savings from call charges and line rentals reduction" said Sugo. "There is therefore much opportunity to help residential and business users to reduce their telephone charges".

Further, VegaStream has a track record in having voice networks connected over IP satellite links. "This track record and experience is very beneficial in our market as we have service providers looking to roll out satellite IP voice services to regional and remote customers in this vast continent of Australia. These customers are yet to fully benefit from this new technology and application of VoIP service until now" comments Sugo.

About Symbio Networks
Symbio Networks provides a complete softswitch-based VoIP solution over broadband for Service Providers. Dependent on the customers' requirements, Symbio can supply individual network elements or deliver a complete turn-key, carrier-grade integrated solution such that service providers need only focus on marketing and selling quality VoIP services to their customers. Symbio is unique in that it has in-depth expertise and experience in both voice and data networks with carrier grade equipment, providing a "one-stop" shop of professional services for design, consultancy, project management, system integration and deployment as well as technical support on a 24x7 basis. Symbio also has extensive R&D laboratory facilities at its Sydney, Australia headquarters for development, testing, faults investigation and simulation. For more information, please visit

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Chris Papaioanou
VegaStream South Pacific
0412 640056

Rene Sugo
Symbio Networks Pty Ltd
02 9994 8555

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