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New Features also enable rapid deployment of IP long haul to developing economies

22nd February 2005

Internet Telephony, February 22, 2005 Miami; VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced a major new enhancement to its award winning Vega 400 trunk gateway that allows customers to license VoIP capacity through the gateway. From today, customers can connect a Vega 400 to the full capacity of their voice traffic bearers but only pay for the traffic passed between IP and TDM domains. The remaining traffic is passed directly through the Vega gateway at no charge.

Four E1/T1 ports are available on the Vega 400 for incoming, outgoing or pass-through traffic. The gateway allows customers to start with a low VoIP/TDM capacity such as a fractional E1 or T1 and grow up to 120 VoIP calls through easy field-installable upgrades.

The Vega 400 gateway, which recently won TMC's Product of the Year award, also delivers maximum throughput of all supported VoIP calls without any degradation of service. Where the performance of other gateways is often restricted by the number of users or the type of calls, the Vega 400 will work at maximum efficiency regardless of the VoIP traffic.

Other new features of the Vega 400 include the ability to allow one SIP registration per port on the T1/E1 side and to connect with a channel bank via CAS to provide suitable digit timing and caller id. These features enable a community equipped with standard TDM telephony equipment to connect to the central office via a long distance IP link yet behave as if connected over a standard TDM link - in terms of in and outbound dialling and billing.

"We initially developed this functionality to enable service provider customers in parts of the world with less developed telephony to connect remote communities to the standard telephone network over low cost IP-based line of sight or satellite circuits," said Tim Burne, CEO of VegaStream. "We are talking to a number of organisations in countries affected by the recent tsunami disaster."

Standard features of the Vega 400 include:

  • "Pay as you use" licensing of traffic passed between network types
  • VoIP trunking from 10 to 120 voice channels
  • Field upgradeable using plug-in modules
  • Leading price/performance using latest DSP and processor technology and VegaStream's experience of VoIP gateway design
  • Unmatched interoperability with existing telecoms equipment and VoIP networks based on SIP and H323
  • Small form-factor: Two gateways can be mounted in 1U 19" rack
  • Dual LAN port for separation of VoIP and management
  • Upgrade card slots can be used for additional applications

The new, "pay as you use" Vega 400 is available immediately

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