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22nd Sept 2003

Global Service Provider Deploys VegaStream
Gateways to Deliver Enterprise-Class Voice Services

VegaStream, the leading supplier of dedicated business
VoIP (Voice over IP) Gateways, today announced that
Primus Telecommunications, Inc. and its affiliates intend
to use VegaStream gateways to deliver industry-leading
VoIP services to enterprise customers. Primus estimates
that VoIP deployment by an enterprise customer can reduce
telephony costs by up to 50%, with a secure, reliable,
business-quality service.

VegaStream gateways are reliable and are compatible
with Primus's other infrastructure components, based on
the open SIP protocol. VegaStream intends to provide
Primus with a full portfolio of customer premises gateways
supporting analogue, ISDN basic rate, T1 (North America)
and E1 (European) interfaces with common functionality
across all products. Using the VegaStream VoIP gateways,
Primus can offer businesses a complete VoIP solution
without disruption to existing PBX and telephony

"We are beginning to see the VoIP market coming of age.
The technology has matured to a level where it has
overcome initial quality of service concerns and can offer
seamless interoperability with existing phone systems.
As a result, Primus can roll out enterprise VoIP solutions
en masse," said Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream.
"VegaStream is delighted to be working with Primus to
fulfil this demand, by delivering significant cost saving
to enterprises through converged voice and data

"As more businesses examine VoIP alternatives, the reality
of today's competitive market is that service providers
have to deliver what the customer wants - cost-effective
solutions for their telecommunications needs," said Sam
Mullin Senior Director Engineering and Systems
Development, Primus Telecom. "Business customers
expect an open standards approach that enables them to
realise the benefits of VoIP without the expense and
disruption of being forced to discard or replace its existing
network elements. VegaStream's proven interoperability
with all the main PBX manufacturers means that we can
deliver VoIP services to our customers and help them to
realize a rapid return on investment."

About VegaStream

VegaStream is the leading supplier of dedicated business
VoIP gateways. VegaStream's Voice over IP (VoIP)
gateways enable service providers and business customers
to rapidly deploy and profit from lower telephony costs
and improved productivity across their organization's HQ
and remote offices. The award winning Vega 50 and
Vega 100 gateways are based on international
communications standards - including both SIP and H.323
- to deliver an open and non-proprietary VoIP solution that
can be seamlessly integrated alongside existing
communications investments. Established in 1998,
VegaStream has EMEA headquarters in Bracknell UK,
and North American headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.
VegaStream investors include MTI Partners and
VegaStream management. Further information on VegaStream
is available on


PRIMUS Telecommunications Group, Incorporated
(NASDAQ:PRTL) is a global telecommunications services
provider offering bundled voice, data, Internet, digital
subscriber line (DSL), Web hosting, enhanced application,
virtual private network (VPN), voice-over-Internet protocol
(VoIP), and other value-added services. PRIMUS owns and
operates an extensive global backbone network of owned
and leased transmission facilities, including approximately
250 points-of-presence (POPs) throughout the world,
ownership interests in over 23 undersea fiber optic cable
systems, 19 international gateway and domestic switches,
and a variety of operating relationships that allow it to
deliver traffic worldwide. PRIMUS also has deployed a
global state-of-the-art broadband fiber optic ATM+IP
network and data centers to offer customers Internet,
data, hosting and e-commerce services. Founded in 1994
and based in McLean, VA, PRIMUS serves corporate,
small- and medium-sized businesses, residential and
data, ISP and telecommunication carrier customers
primarily located in North America, Europe and the
Asia-Pacific regions of the world.
Further information on Primus is available on


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AxiCom PR for VegaStream
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