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23rd May 2005

London, UK, 23rd May 2005: UK Tier-2 alternate telecomm carrier Evoxus has selected VegaStream gateways as customer premise equipment to connect business customers' traditional telephony equipment to Evoxus' IP-based telecommunications network. In particular, Evoxus is deploying the VegaStream gateway to enable service delivery to multiple customers located in a single building.

Evoxus, formerly EEscape, was founded in 1999 and is the UK's premier IP-based "altnet". VegaStream equipment enables Evoxus to migrate customers from legacy TDM telephony equipment to a technology refresh of converged IP-based communications infrastructure.

Steve Rudman, Director, Customer & Business Applications at Evoxus said, "Our business customers want the benefits of VoIP in terms of reduced cost and greater flexibility without any upheaval to the way they operate. For example, a business may justify migrating to a complete VoIP solution for its main offices, but decide to keep its mission critical, and currently effective call centre operations in the TDM space, The VegaStream gateways enable us to deliver a mixed infrastructure while the customer maintains a unified communications capability."

"We chose the VegaStream gateways for their very powerful dial planner software," he said. "It not only makes the decisions about IP routing, but it can also handle presentation and billing information.
These functions are important to the service provider and provide the basis on which we can offer our service to customers in multi-tenanted buildings by deploying a single VegaStream gateway. The alternative solutions on the market are more cumbersome requiring us to build and maintain complex one-to-one translation tables. The VegaStream has a simple set up based on parameters and can make intelligent routing decisions on the fly"

Rudman also noted that VegaStream's pass through feature, which automatically routes certain calls direct to and from the PSTN, enables their customers to meet the requirements of the emergency services and provides a disaster recovery alternative. Finally, Rudman cited VegaStream's support as key to their decision. "VegaStream are very proactive," he said. "They worked hard to understand our needs and came up with practical solutions that worked. As for the kit itself, it is very reliable. The gateways just go in and work."

About Evoxus
Formed in 1999 as part of a joint venture involving BT Group, Unisys and the Bank of Scotland., EEscape was the UK's first true e-telecommunications company. In 2004, the company changed its trading name from EEscape to Evoxus in a move that coincided with the company becoming the first BT carrier to interconnect to a VoIP (Voice over IP) exchange. Evoxus provides secure voice and new-wave services such as broadband and IP-based products to businesses whilst also providing wholesale services to resellers in the telephony
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