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Corporate sponsorship underscores VegaStream's commitment to standards based development and value of injecting open source economics into the VoIP market

23rd May 2005

London, UK, 23rd May 2005: Dedicated VoIP gateway manufacturer VegaStream today announced it has become a corporate sponsor of SIPfoundry, the leading open source SIP-based development project. VegaStream's corporate sponsorship enables the company to play an active role in shaping the next wave of development of enterprise and carrier communications products and technologies. It also provides a mechanism for VegaStream to officially leverage standards-based IP communications applications and technologies to create market differentiations in an increasingly competitive market.

"Supporting SIPfoundry presents an unprecedented opportunity for us to participate at the forefront of the next wave of development for the technology that will reshape the enterprise and service provider communications market," said Tim Burne, CEO of VegaStream. "As the leading provider of dedicated, standards-based VoIP gateways. VegaStream looks forward to contributing to the development of open source SIP technology as a means to deliver PC-like economics to the VoIP market."

SIPfoundry promotes and advances SIP-based open source solutions, technologies, and interoperability by offering a state-of-the-art project infrastructure combined with access to the leading thinkers in the field of SIP based communications. Through SIPfoundry the users, developers and distributors of SIP-based products can collectively support each other and accelerate the growth and adoption of SIP. Companies and individual developers that want to help reshape the VoIP market in a new and open structure can learn more about contributing at

"SIPfoundry provides solutions that address real problems faced by enterprise customers and telecommunications carriers that want to deploy standards-based communications products," said
Dr. Martin J Steinmann, member of the SIPfoundry board of directors and venture partner with Vesbridge Partners. "VegaStream is a welcome partner to the debate and development programs sponsored by SIPfoundry and we look forward to their continued contributions as the market moves inexplicitly toward open sources based applications and technologies."

About SIPfoundry
SIPfoundry, a non-profit organization, is the leading open source SIP community development project. It is organized under the Massachusetts Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law for the mutual benefit of the developers, distributors and customers of open source software products and services. The mission of SIPfoundry is to promote and advance SIP-related open source projects, and to establish a mechanism whereby users, developers, and distributors of those projects can contribute to the adoption of SIP. The open source model is built on the premise that allowing the best technology to win in an open, competitive environment is better for the entire market eco-system. For more information, please visit


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