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Enterprise Voice Peering Helps Decrease Voice Expenses by 50-70%

25th October 2005

London, UK, and San Diego - October 25, 2005: VegaStream, a dedicated VoIP gateway manufacturer and Stealth Communications, owners and operates of the Voice Peering Fabric, today announced a partnership that will enable Enterprise organizations worldwide to exchange telephone calls among one another directly by utilizing Stealth's Voice Peering Fabric and VegaStream's analog and digital VoIP gateways.

"The Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) is a private voice Internet allowing enterprise organizations and service providers to exchange Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls in a secure, quality of service environment." said Shrihari Pandit, CEO & Founder of Stealth Communications. "Enterprises connected to the VPF have enjoyed savings on an average of 50 to 70% by acquiring telephone services in a wholesale environment. With our partnership with VegaStream, any enterprises with traditional telephone systems can now easily interface into the VPF."

VegaStream's wide range of dedicated VoIP gateways are cost-effective, standards-based platforms that enable enterprises to have access to essential VoIP services, and let carriers deliver services to any customer without requiring changes to their existing infrastructure. From the Vega 400 digital gateway-a carrier-grade platform that connects digital telephony equipment to the public network-to the latest Vega 5024 and Vega 5048 analog gateways, all of VegaStream's products help streamline the introduction of essential VoIP services.

"Stealth Communications is the ideal partner because of their commitment to helping enterprises make the right VoIP decisions at the right time," said Tim Burne, CEO for VegaStream. "And with their firm knowledge base about VoIP, thanks to their lauded Voice Peering Fabric, we are confident in their ability to help enterprises make the leap to VoIP in an affordable way that guarantees ROI."

VegaStream is a key sponsor of Stealth Communications' Voice Peering Forum 2005 on November 2nd at 55 Broad Street, 4th Floor, in New York City. The Voice Peering Forum will host experts from leading global companies who will discuss the latest innovations and implementations in VoIP. Attendees will have the opportunity to address questions to our speakers during Q&A sessions following each panel discussion and to meet with representatives of both buyers and sellers of voice applications, equipment and services.

About Stealth Communications
Stealth Communications celebrates its tenth year in the telecom industry with its successful lines of services based on Ethernet and IP technology. With a positive attitude towards improving telecommunications and endless innovation benefiting communities, Stealth has earned a great reputation in the industry by providing quality services and customer satisfaction. Stealth works closely with its customers and partners who are in the telecom, financial, realty, educational and government sector. For more information on Stealth, Voice Peering Fabric and the upcoming Voice Peering Forum, visit: and

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