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27th January 2006

London, Stockholm 27th January 2006: VegaStream, the leading manufacturer of VoIP gateways, is supplying hosted applications service provider SDC Development A/S of Denmark with its Vega400 gateways to enable it to provide cost effective touchtone telephone banking services to financial institutions across the Nordic region.

In the first application of this innovative solution, SDC Development is hosting the telephone banking system for Norwegian banking group Terra Group AS at its data centre in Ballerup, north of Copenhagen. Terra Group serves one million Norwegian customers through 81 branches and with on-line services such as the new telephone banking system.

Local Norwegian calls to the Terra Group telephone banking system are routed to the hosted application in Denmark where the VegaStream gateway converts them to IP traffic for processing by the system which is built on Microsoft .Net and Intel Host Media Processing (HMP) software platforms. The system generates its outbound responses and messages in IP, which again are converted by the VegaStream gateways to standard telephone audio. The highly scaleable Vega 400 allows thousands of simultaneous calls.

The touchtone telephone banking system has been developed by the Danish systems integrator CompuHouse A/S with the Vega400 gateways supplied by Tech2Net Denmark.

"The financial services market is the most demanding application area for IT products and services and it is a tribute to the reliability and performance of the VegaStream gateways that SDC chose the Vega 400 to power this innovative application," said Ulf Sundin, Director of Sales and Marketing for VegaStream in the Nordic Region.


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