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A Devil of a Product for Business VoIP

27th April 2005

London, UK 27th April 2005: Devil7, a fast growing UK VoIP service provider has chosen VegaStream as its OEM supplier of VoIP/TDM gateways. Company has re-branded the VegaStream range as the "Devil box" range. Targeting business customers, the Devil7 proposition is that by simply attaching the "Devil box" to their existing TDM equipment they will significantly reduce their phone bill and fully exploit the functionality of their TDM equipment.

Devil7 is part of the Fresh Media Group of specialist pre-print businesses servicing the quality print market. The original Devil7 business plan was to deliver VoIP services over the broadband network that has been built within the publishing community for large file image transfer applications. However the proposition is so powerful that it has found interest across the business market.

"We have a simple business proposition for the finance director. Connect your PBX to a Devil box and you can call all other Devil box users for free and dramatically reduce call charges to all other destinations," said Andrew Berg, co-managing director of Devil7. "VegaStream have been fully supportive of our business idea and so we negotiated terms that allow us to bundle the cost of the Devil box within the customer's service charge. The final proposition is a financial no brainer, especially when the customer has multiple sites" said Berg.

Devil7 has recently won the contract to provide telephony services via Devil boxes for a publicly listed media and communications company with 51 sites worldwide.

"We decided to work with VegaStream to create the Devil box because they could provide the range of kit that met all our market needs from a single line for home workers to large sites supporting 120 simultaneous calls," said Berg. "The VegaStream configuration software is common to all the range and is easy to use. The dial planner is very powerful and underpins our proposition that customers can simply plug in and reduce costs."

The Devil7 service includes mapping the customer's existing telecommunications infrastructure and dial plan to the Devil7 VoIP network using the VegaStream dial planner.

About Devil7
Devil7, part of the £12m Fresh Media Group is a UK based alternative telecommunications carrier offering both circuit switched (traditional PSTN) and IP-based services to business customers. The company has developed its own billing platform, Diablo, that provides customers and resellers on-line access to detailed call data and the ability to generate their own custom reports and financial documentation.

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