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29th March 2004

Industry leaders from all levels of the enterprise communications
eco-system support the introduction of an open-source based IP
PBX solution and online community

Santa Clara, CA, MARCH 29, 2004 (Spring VON 2004)-
Momentum continues to build around Pingtel's open source
enterprise VoIP initiative as key members of the enterprise
eco-system - enterprise users and developers, technology
partners and leaders of the open source community - express
support for the creation of an open source-based VoIP solution
and developer community. To further the development of open
source VoIP, Pingtel is actively working with the leadership of
other open source and SIP communities to build an online
community for developers.

"Red Hat pioneered the business model of bringing the vast
benefits of open source computing into an enterprise environment
where cost-effective performance is absolutely at its most critical,"
said Bryan Simms, vice president of business development at Red
Hat, Inc. "By leveraging this model, Pingtel is bringing a level of
choice, open standards, flexibility and value to the enterprise
communications market that was previously unavailable in an
industry locked down by single-vendor, proprietary solutions."

The open source model is built on the premise that allowing the
best technology to win in an open, competitive environment
benefits the end user as the entire market eco-system is driven
by a central model. Pingtel and its partners have found that an
open environment is not only the best way to build technology,
but also the best way to spur innovation of IP telephony across
the information technology (IT) industry.

"The market is moving to embrace an open source model for
enterprise communications products and development because
it offers the industry the first real alternative to single-vendor
proprietary solutions that have always defined this market
segment," said Bill Rich, president and CEO of Pingtel. "We are
thrilled that companies from all levels of the market have
expressed support for, and adoption of, a business model that
brings the power and benefits of an open source model to
enterprise telephony: low cost solutions built around the best
technology from an open, competitive environment."

"Enterasys believes in an open, standards-based approach that
enables enterprise CIOs and IT managers broader choices for
how and when they deploy communications services in their IT
infrastructure. This philosophy is reflected in the standards-based
wired and wireless network infrastructure solutions that we have
provided for enterprise customers for many years, as well as our
active participation in several industry standards committees,"
said John Roese, CTO of Enterasys Networks. "Pingtel's open,
standards-based approach enables the development of a broader
and stronger set of solutions in the market, furthering customer
choice and value, and reducing costs."

The move to an open source business model will escalate the
trend towards interoperability between products and away from
the previously closed and proprietary world of voice
communications. This development will provide the rich variety
of product options and lower maintenance costs that enterprise
CIOs have always enjoyed in the data network arena and will
allow them to tailor the best solution for their individual

"The availability of a true business-grade open source IP PBX
creates a new wave of opportunity for next-generation
equipment vendors like VegaStream, system integrators,
value-added resellers to deliver best-in-class, multi-vendor
VoIP solutions to customers," said Tim Burne, CEO of
VegaStream. "As a market leading VoIP gateway provider,
we look forward to working with Pingtel, the open source
community and other application vendors to bring to market
integrated solutions that combined, deliver higher value and
greater performance than is possible from any one single

About Pingtel

Pingtel's open source business model will prove to be a
fundamentally disruptive force in the $5 billion per year
enterprise PBX market. By offering enterprise-class, all
SIP-based, open source IP PBX software under a Linux-style
subscription license, Pingtel is combining the best attributes
of open source development - low cost, adaptability and
flexibility - with the reliable solutions and support enterprises
require for voice applications. Pingtel's open source IP PBX
software is the linchpin technology that will catalyze the
movement of enterprise communications into the data center
and away from purpose-built hardware. Like enterprise-grade
Linux, this approach will drive commoditization of traditional
telephony hardware and software and eliminate technology
lock-ins that have plagued the industry for decades. This new
business model will lead to pervasive adoption and shift
significant market share away from vertically integrated,
proprietary-solution competitors.

For more information, visit See how Pingtel's
open source business model is changing how public and private
companies are judged and valued at VoiceCON 2004, booth #513.

Note to Editors: Pingtel, SIPxchange, instant xpressa, xpressa
etc. are trademarks of Pingtel Corporation, Inc. All other
trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About VegaStream

VegaStream is a leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP
gateways. VegaStream's Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways enable
service providers and business customers to rapidly deploy
and profit from lower telephony costs and improved productivity
across their organization's HQ and remote offices. The award
winning Vega 50 and Vega 100 gateways are based on
international communications standards - including both SIP
and H.323 - to deliver an open and non-proprietary VoIP
solution that can be seamlessly integrated alongside existing
communications investments. Established in 1998, VegaStream
has EMEA headquarters in Bracknell UK, and North American
headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. VegaStream investors
include MTI Partners and VegaStream management.

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Richard M. Williams
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