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VoIP Gateway Maker: Interoperability Certification Helps to Reassure Customers

30th August 2005

San Diego and Richardson, TX (August 30, 2005) - VegaStream and tekVizion™ PVS, Inc., the new standard for systems integration, announced today that VegaStream has signed an agreement to become a Premier Tenant in tekVizion Labs™, the first lab of its kind offering third-party certification and testing for Voice over IP (VoIP) products and services.

"Premier Tenants" are vendors who have designated tekVizion Labs as an authorized test facility. Premier Tenants provide their product(s) to tekVizion Labs to be used in certification testing performed by tekVizion Labs and/or to make them available for remote and/or solution testing. Premier Tenant status significantly enhances the vendor's test capacity by turning tekVizion Labs into an extension of the vendor's own test facilities. Premier Tenant status also speeds up test turnaround time and provides priority interoperability testing.

VegaStream's wide range of dedicated VoIP gateways are cost-effective, standards-based platforms that enable enterprises to have access to essential VoIP services, and let carriers deliver services to any customer without requiring changes to their existing infrastructure. From the Vega 400 digital gateway-a carrier-grade platform that connects digital telephony equipment to the public network-to the Vega 50 analog gateways, all of VegaStream's products help streamline the introduction of essential VoIP services.

tekVizion Labs offers several services including tekVizion and third-party certification testing, remote testing, solution testing, IMS conformance and interoperability testing, product/compliance assessments, and outsourced testing. Remote testing can be used for pre-certification or ad-hoc test scenarios, whereas formal tekVizion certification is conducted on-site at tekVizion Labs by tekVizion engineers. Certification can be provided between two products or in a multi-product solution. All lab services are available to both vendors and service providers.

"Our relationship with tekVizion is yet another example of VegaStream's commitment to making business sense of VoIP. We want our customers to be able to quickly and painlessly install our VoIP gateways, turn up service, and generate a positive ROI," says Robert Brakeman, VP Operations & General Manager North America for VegaStream.

"By becoming a tekVizion Labs Premier Tenant, VegaStream joins a growing VoIP community dedicated to making this technology the reliable foundation of widespread voice-data communications networks," said Terri Griffin, tekVizion's COO. "This benefits everybody, especially VoIP users."

Potential customers of tekVizion Labs can request testing via the tekVizion Labs website ( or by contacting the program director, Jerry Mistrot. The tekVizion Labs website allows anyone to register to be notified when new Premier Tenants join the lab, when products are certified, and when new services are offered by the Labs.

About tekVizion PVS, Inc.
tekVizion ( is the new standard for systems integration in the telecommunications industry. tekVizion's core services include consulting, custom applications, integration and support, and testing through tekVizion Labs™-- the first interoperability certification lab of its kind. tekVizion Labs offers a full suite of testing services including interoperability, solution, conformance, product assessments and outsourced testing. tekVizion helps service providers achieve a smooth transition to packet-voice networks, speeding delivery of integrated services. tekVizion leverages its real-world, multi-vendor integration and test experience and proven processes to provide leading vendors, carriers, and enhanced service providers with solutions that meld legacy and next-generation resources. tekVizion's headquarters, which includes its state-of-the-art test lab and Executive Briefing Center, is within the Telecom Corridor® in Richardson, Texas.

tekVizion and tekVizion Labs are trademarks of tekVizion PVS, Inc. Telecom Corridor is a registered trademark of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. All other names are trademarks of their respective companies.

tekVizion contacts:
Candace Talmadge
Talmadge Writing Services
(972) 227-8233

tekVizion Labs Program Director:
Jerry Mistrot
(214) 242-5911

VegaStream contact:
Richard M. Williams
Connect2 Communications

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