Vega 400 Wins TMC Labs Innovation Award 2005

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"We initially deployed Quintum gateways but VegaStream kit is simply better quality and provides more flexibility" says Romain Bonjean, CEO Ivox.

Cost-Saving VoIP Gateways
Cost saving of VoIP compared to PSTN is about 90%... said Shanks Kulam, United Networks
Vega 400

Vega 400 Datasheet (pdf)
Vega 400 Application Note (pdf)
Features & Benefits

The Vega 400 connects existing digital PBXs and the public network to IP networks bringing dramatic telephony cost savings. The Vega 400 is a new class of VoIP gateway - field upgradeable to support up to 120 VoIP calls and delivering maximum throughput for all supported VoIP traffic.

The Vega 400 VoIP Gateway is provided with 4 E1/T1 interfaces and can be purchased with various capacities for handling up to 120 VoIP channels.

At glance:

  •  4 E1/T1 interfaces
  •  Up to 120 VoIP calls
  •  Field-upgradable through expansion modules
  •  SIP and H323 VoIP signalling
  •  N. American and ETSI PRI signaling, QSIG, T1 CAS


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Features & Benefits

Simple and Efficient Expansion

Vega 400 has been designed with the future in mind, comprising a base unit with expansion slots and, through this expansion, additional VoIP capacity can be added in the field. In line with the growth of inter-site voice traffic, additional VoIP channels can be provisioned with ease when needed.

Flexibility and SImplicity of E1/T1 Configuration

Each E1/T1 interface is independently configurable as either Network Side or Terminal Side and allows the Vega 400 to be connected to both a PBX and the ISDN simultaneously for a varienty of applications. This eliminates disruption to the configuration of existing equipment and increases the flexibility and choices available for call routing.

Open, Non-Proprietary, Configurable Interfaces

The Vega 400 supports a variety of signalling schemes:

  •  NI1, NI2, AT&T, 5ESS, DMS100
  •  ISO QSIG Basic Call and QSIG Feature Transparency
  •  CAS (Channel Associated Signalling)

This superior flexibility results in significant levels of interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications systems. VegaStream VoIP Gateways also support SIP, H.323 and T.38 Fax and this further extends Vega 400's interoperability with a broad mix of VoIP equipment.

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