Vega 400 Wins TMC Labs Innovation Award 2005

VegaStream - Simply the best
"We initially deployed Quintum gateways but VegaStream kit is simply better quality and provides more flexibility" says Romain Bonjean, CEO Ivox.

Cost-Saving VoIP Gateways
Cost saving of VoIP compared to PSTN is about 90%... said Shanks Kulam, United Networks
Vega 5000


The Vega 5000 VoIP Gateway range is the Winner of the Internet Telephony 2005 Product of the Year Award and is designed to connect analog phone systems to IP networks.

Available with 24 or 48 FXS ports, the Vega 5000 analog VoIP Gateway is designed to connect standard analog handsets typically to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) or a corporate network.

It also offers two additional network-facing analog ports for connection to a telephone line or analog PBX.

Features & Benefits

Open, Non-Proprietary, Configurable Interfaces

All VegaStream VoIP Gateways support SIP, H.323 and T.38 Fax, resulting in significant levels of interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications and VoIP equipment.

The Vega 5000 is configurable for different country requirements including tones and line impediance. This ensures that IP connected networks with multinational site locations can be supported with confidence in virtually all instances.

Lifeline PSTN Backup

When powered, the Vega 5000 VoIP Gateway will route calls to or from the unit's two FXO ports. Under power failure conditions, the two FXO ports provide a hard-wired bypas feature to two FXS ports. This allows PSTN calls still to be made, giving resilience and confidence of business continuity, even under power failure conditions.


With up to 48 FXS ports in a single 1U high enclosure which is only half a rack deep, VegaStream's range of VoIP Gateways provide exceptional density for deployment, conserving space within a communications room.


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