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Vega 5000 now available - analog gateways for up to 48 FXS Ports

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Vega 400 - TMC Editors Choice Award

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Enterprise Customers
Enterprise VoIP Networking

Enterprise VoIP Networking

VegaStream gateways deliver cost savings to the enterprise
by networking existing voice systems over IP networks.
Cost savings are achieved by reducing PSTN call charges
and consolidating facilities, such as leased lines. VegaStream
gateways provide a cost effective solution to connect remote
sites, home-users and tele-workers into the overall enterprise
network in order to improve business communications.

The VegaStream portfolio supports the full range of gateways
necessary for enterprise VoIP networking:

  • Larger customer sites with T1/E1 interfaces - Vega 400
  • Smaller customer sites, particularly in Europe,
    with BRI interfaces - Vega 50 Europa or the Vega 50 6x4
  • Smaller customer sites with analog PBXs and analog
    telephones - Vega 50 6x4
  • Larger customer sites with analog PBXs and analog
    telephones - Vega 5000
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