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HIPCOM Chooses VegaStream VoIP Gateways
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VegaStream named in pulver100 for 2nd year in a row
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VegaStream Advantages

VegaStream advantages for service providers

VegaStream is the leading dedicated customer premises and
low-density VoIP gateway supplier for service providers:

  • Full portfolio of analog and digital gateways to address all
    business customer connections, globally
  • Common management and functionality across all products
  • Primed for complete interoperability, inside and outside
    the network
  • Proven interoperability with all major PBX systems and
    VoIP soft-switching platforms
    • Open and non-proprietary support of SIP and H.323
  • Zero disruption to the end-customer
    • Support of network and user-facing interfaces on all digital products, enabling the gateway to be inserted seamlessly between the existing PSTN connection and the customer's voice equipment
  • Robust and reliable
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