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"The VegaStream products exceeded our requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, ease of configuration and value. "says Stefan Stefanov, Orbitel's CTO
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VoIP is the new communications technology that is revolutionizing the way we work, or at least significantly reduce the cost of telephony to all sizes of businesses.

VegaStream VoIP Resources will help you make a more informed decision about how and when you will implement VoIP with your business.

VegaStream Sales Bulletins

Sales Bulletin #1

  • What to do if your customer will not change his existing PABX but
    he wants to use VoIP services?
    • In this bulletin, we discuss how IP gateways can be used as a viable alternative at your customer premises and how it can offer all the benefits of IP Telephony without any of the pain or disruption to your customer’s business.

Sales Bulletin #2

  • Does your customer have concerns about Emergency Calls & VoIP?
    • This bulletin describes that, as partners, we are all aware of the benefits of VoIP yet, in the minds of our customers, there are still a number of concerns about what happens with calls to EMERGENCY SERVICES particularly if there are BROADBAND OUTAGES or POWERFAIL conditions.

Sales Bulletin #3

  • One of the main challenges with selling VOIP into small businesses is that the engineering costs can take all the profit out of a deal. 
    • This bulletin talks about the problems caused by routers that do not support QoS and describes how Vega products can be used to prioritise voice over data, leaving the router untouched, dramatically reducing installation time.

Sales Bulletin #4

  • VoIP telephony has emerged victorious in the data/voice integration revolution and offers its users high functionality at an affordable price. However, people are often concerned that this comes at a price and that there is no substitute for the safety and security of traditional telephony networks.
    • In Sales Bulletin #4, we help show how you can overcome such objections and make sure your customer is confident with the solution.

Sales Bulletin #5

  • Teleworking is rapidly becoming acceptable for employers who require a more flexible, scalable and secure solution for remote and home-based employees, who are found to be 25% more productive than their office-based colleagues.
    • Our fifth bulleting describes one of the main disadvantages as the cost of implementation; how some PABX manufacturers promote a complete 'Rip and Replace' approach with huge costs and upheaval to customers...
VoIP Articles

A series of article that provide an overview for the not-so-technical audience of what VoIP is, how it works it and the key issues that surround it, such as security, quality of service and reliability.


Product Reviews
Read the TMC Labs Review of the Vega 400


VegaStream Opinion Pieces
New technology always creates a debate on key issues, and VoIP is no exception. Read VegaStreams thoughts on these issues and broaden your understanding of this new phenomenon.

What Our Customers Say

"The VegaStream products exceeded our requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, ease of configuration and value," says Stefan Stefanov, Orbitel's CTO

Speaking of the Vega 400 “TMC Labs was impressed with the performance, voice quality, ease of administration, and adherence to appropriate standards, by the Vega 400. We would not hesitate to recommend it.”

"Business customers expect an open standards approach that enables them to realise the benefits of VoIP without the expense and disruption of being forced to discard or replace its existing network elements. VegaStream's proven interoperability with all the main PBX manufacturers means that we can deliver VoIP services to our customers and help them to realize a rapid return on investment."
Sam Mullin Senior Director Engineering and Systems Development, Primus Telecom

“We chose the VegaStream gateways for their very powerful dial planner software. It not only makes the decisions about IP routing, but it can also handle presentation and billing information. The alternative solutions on the market are more cumbersome requiring us to build and maintain complex one-to-one translation tables.”
Steve Rudman, Director, Customer & Business Applications at Evoxus

Recommended Reading

Switching to VoIP
Theodore Wallingford
Paperback - July 5, 2005

VoIP for Dummies (For Dummies S.)
Timothy V Kelly
Hungry Minds Inc, U.S.
Paperback - September 9, 2005

Internet Communications Using SIP:
Delivering VOIP and Multimedia Services
with Session Initiation Protocol (Networking Council S.)

H. Sinnreich, Alan B. Johnston
John Wiley & Sons Inc
Hardcover - November 9, 2001

Introduction to IP Telephony,
Why and How Companies Are Upgrading
Private Telephone Systems to Use Voip Services

Lawrence J. Harte
Paperback - May 12, 2003

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Security
James Ransome, John Rittinghouse
Digital Press
Paperback - January 19, 2005

The Call Heard 'Round the World:
VoIP and the Quest for Convergence

David Greenblatt
Hardcover - July 2003

Beyond VoIP Protocols:
Understanding Voice Technology and
Networking Techniques for IP Telephony

Olivier Hersent, et al
John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Hardcover - January 14, 2005

Putting VoIP to Work:
Softswitch Network Design and Testing

Bill Douskalis
Prentice Hall PTR
Paperback - September 2001

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