Vega 400 Wins TMC Labs Innovation Award 2005

VegaStream - Simply the best
"We initially deployed Quintum gateways but VegaStream kit is simply better quality and provides more flexibility" says Romain Bonjean, CEO Ivox.

Cost-Saving VoIP Gateways
Cost saving of VoIP compared to PSTN is about 90%... said Shanks Kulam, United Networks
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How can VoIP help you?

As with many emerging technologies, Voice over the Internet (VoIP) has been surrounded by hype and a new vocabulary of buzzwords that serve only to confuse customers and make them wary. However, the basic proposition for VoIP is simple, and VegaStream gateways provide a simple, low risk way for companies to benefit from it.

What is VoIP?
VoIP essentially removes the cost of using the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to make telephone calls. Furthermore, because the internet is designed for data and is not dependent on fixed locations, VoIP provides the enterprise with new opportunities for improving productivity and flexibility.

So what are VoIP Gateways?
Many companies still have separate voice and data networks but would like to take advantage of the benefits of using Internet Telephony. A gateway therefore converts a telephone conversation into the correct format as data packets to enable it to travel across a data network as Internet Telephony. Gateways are required at both ends of a telephone conversation so that voice can be converted then reconverted back into intelligible language at the other end. VegaStream VoIP gateways are available to cater for different sized companies according to the number of simultaneous conversations that would typically take place. For example, the Vega 50 6x4 supports up to 24 analog ports, up to 16 basic rate ISDN channels on 8 interfaces or a mixture of port types and capacities.

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