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VegaStream VoIP Gateway Portfolio

At VegaStream, we are committed to delivering the best value VoIP Gateways ad to give you  the lowest cost per port in Internet Telephony

VegaStream VoIP Gateway Portfolio

The VegaStream VoIP Gateway portfolio offers a superior range of analog and digital interfaces for North American and European VoIP standards including H.323 and SIP.

Vega 400 E1/T1

Vega 400 E1/T1
The Vega 400 VoIP Gateway connects telecoms equipment with E1/T1 interfaces to IP networks to offer you excellent low-cost per port IP Telephony for site to site voice communications.

Vega 100 E1/T1

The Vega 100 VoIP Gateway has now been superceded by the Vega 400

Vega 50

The NEW Vega 50 Europa VoIP Gateway connects a range of legacy telephony equipment, including PBXs, ISDN telephones, ISDN, analog phones and the PSTN to IP networks. It supports up to 8 Basic Rate ISDN Channels (4 BRI) and mixture of FXO/FXS ports.

The Vega 50 6x4 FXS VoIP Gateway connects a range of legacy telephony equipment to IP Networks. This scaleable system supports up to 10 ports of analog devices and is ideal for smaller analog only sites.

Vega 5000

The Vega 5000 family of analog gateways connect analog phone systems to IP networks.

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